Large Marsden Flower Toki, New Zealand Greenstone

Large Marsden Flower Toki, New Zealand Greenstone

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This incredible large toki has been expertly carved from a unique piece of Marsden flower greenstone to show the different colours contained within. With deep dark green shifting into pale greenish-white with golden details at the end, this pendant makes a real statement. Toki were traditionally worn by chiefs and warriors, as symbols of strength, wisdom, and authority.

Marsden Flower Greenstone comes from the Marsden area of the West Coast and is an especially distinctive type of greenstone because of its beautiful white and gold variegation, known as "flower."

This pendant was hand carved on the west coast of the South Island, New Zealand, by Jeremy.

Size: 122 mm x 41 mm

Cord: Adjustable sliding knots tied from braided black waxed thread